Take your business to the cloud with Cloud Bookkeeping and Accounting setup and supporting services


One of the major challenges often faced by SME-owners is how to keep their business’ financial records and prepare their accounts.

Faced with many tasks, they do not have the time and the skills necessary to carry out the tasks on their own. They also lack the financial resources to outsource or hire professional accountant.

This has robbed them the required information to effectively manage their business’ finances. Also, they are not able to benefit from Govt. grants or bank loan because they do not have verifiable record to proof that their business is viable.

Many otherwise viable businesses have collapsed due to poor financial management and lack of funding.

Fortunately, affordable technology can be employed to overcome these challenges


With this technology, you can:

  • Automate your Bookkeeping & Accounting processes
  • Prepare your monthly Financial Statements without the need for an accountant
  • Have up-to-the minute information about your business’ financial status
  • Have information to manage your finances and data to plan ahead
  • Cut down on financial errors associated with manual calculation
  • Eliminates duplication of efforts since documents are handled only once
  • Give you more time to concentrate on other important tasks
  • Track and manage expenses more efficiently
  • Control and manage inventory more efficiently
  • Standardize your business forms-Invoices, Receipts, Quotes etc

And being in the cloud,

  • You can access your financial information from anywhere 24/7, using laptop or Smartphone
  • Saves you costs as there are no expensive hardware or software to purchase and maintain
  • Pay monthly subscription based on usage-Pay-As-You-Go
  • Prevents data-loss and provides data security as data are backed up in remote server
  • User-friendly and easy to use- no IT or Accounting background required

Adopting this technology will provide the needed information required by banks for loan processing. It will also provide data for tax returns and other statutory returns.

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