How do I access my Business Financial Information?

You can access your business financial information from anywhere and at anytime, once you are connected to the Internet. You can access through your phone or any other mobile device. This makes running your business easier. You can invoice customers, enter expenses, confirm inventory availability, check bank balances etc... and on the go!

How often is my Data updated?

You can access your business financial information in Real-time! Business transactions are inputted into the system directly and all the relevant accounting ledgers are automatically updated. This gives you up to the minute information about your business.

Is my Financial Data Fail Safe and Secure?

Online accounting system provides security of data and information similar to that of the online Banking and Payment Card Security Standard. They both employ the same data encryption method to prevent hacking and security breaches. The accounting system also provides user level security to control what each user while logged on. Data Backup is carried out automatically into remote servers; this guarantees business continuity in the event of fire or other natural disaster.

Can other members on my team have access to this platform?

Online accounting system promotes collaboration between you and your business partners. Your accountant/ auditor can log in and obtain necessary information rather than coming to your office or requesting data on flash drive. This helps to reduce professional fees.

How easy is the platform to use?

It is easy to use with no special training required. It does not require accounting or IT background. Use existing staff to run the business.

Can I generate reports or print out my Financial Information?

Obtain real-time and instant financial reports to give you insight into the health of your business. There are over 65 standard reports which you can amend to suit your needs. The reports include: Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Statements, General ledger balances, Customer / Supplier Balance, etc.

Is my Storage Space Limited?

As your business grows, more storage space will be automatically allocated to accommodate your data needs at no extra charges.

Can I upgrade my existing plan?

Software Upgrades are free and automatically applied, so your installation is always up-to-date.

What is your support team like?

The online system will provide instant information for better customer relations; customer balances are readily available, obtain stock balances, send quotes/invoices and enter payments on the go.

How will this help my business again?

Because you can easily invoice your customers, cash collection will be improved. Online application is the new trend in IT; it is cheaper, affordable and supports today's mobile executives. Your business follows you to wherever you go.