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Adequate financial record keeping and timely availability of financal reports is key to the successful operation of any business.

While manual financial record-keeping and information processing is time consuming and error-prone, traditional computer based accounting system is too expensive for many SMEs to afford.

Unlike traditional computer based accounting system, there is no need to acquire Accounting Software or investing in expensive Hardware and Networking Infrastructures.

Instead of the outright purchase of accounting software, you pay  monthly subscription for its use. This is similar to how we pay for utilities (Pay-As-You-Go).

With Cloud Accounting, you can:

 1.  Get The Books Done Without An Accountant

  • Input your daily transactions fand all other accounting processes automatically get done
  • Obtain your monthly Financial Statements with ease
  • Better Manage Your Finances with up-to-the minute information
  • Boost Profitability and make better decisions with real-time view of your business finances

 2.  Save Time

  • Improve your productivity and spend more time doing what matters
  • Stay Compliant
  • Stay up-to-date with your compliance obligations and work with your accountant

 3.  Get Paid Faster

  • Send Professional Invoices to clients and accept online payments
  • All your business transactions are organized in one place
  • You spend less time invoicing and chasing over-due payments
  • Easily keep record of all your invoices, credit notes and quotations

4.   Track Your Expenses

  • Know the ins and outs of your expenses and save money in the future
  • Track, categorize and bill expenses to clients
  • Better organization of your expenses results in accuracy of your expenses
  • Breaking up your Expenses into categories helps you with Tax Deductions

 5.  Obtain Powerful Reports

  • Stay on top of your finances with powerful Accounting Reports like P&L, B/Sheet, Cashflow Statement and many more
  • Use your accounting figures to run and grow your business
  • Get insight to the health of your business in real time

6.  Track Your Inventory in Real-Time

  • Keeping Track of your Inventory is no longer a chore. Inventory tracking enables you to manage goods as they come in an out
  • Track and  Manage Inventory online from knowing the stock levels to reviewing stock reports  
  • Set Re-Order Levels and get  alert before stock gets to Minimum-Level
  • Create Purchase Order, Create Bills when goods are received
  • Update Stock level, Create Credit Notes for returns
  • Deliver Invoices to your Customers instantly and Update Payments
  • Obtain Inventory Valuations reports to obtain assets value of your stock

7.  Run Your Business From Anywhere

  • Stay connected to your Business no matter where you are in the world, 24/7
  • Send out Quotes, get critical insight about your business on the Dashboard of your iOs, Android or Windows device on the go

8.  Prepare and Control Business Budget

  • Budgeting is the foundation of all business successes.
  • It helps with both Planning and Control of the organisation’s financial resources.
  • It is a valuable tool for managing your business’ finances.
  • Running a business without a budget is like travelling across the country without a roadmap.
  • Most successful business owners have built financial wealth through budgeting

Budgeting will enable you to:

  • Forecast Income, Expenses and Profit
  • Have tools for Decision making
  • Set target
  • Excercise Control over your business
  • Establish boundries to prevent un-budgeted spending